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PakistaniModels.pk is dedicated to the topics that are closely related to girls and women, or in broad sense we are covering different aspects of life and lifestyle which are associated with females. Our route and working momentum is clearly defined by tag line,

Pakistani Models is a Place Of Girl’s Thoughts

You will find articles, galleries and reviews about different topics in this blog. A road map and concept about different topics used in PakistaniModels.pk is,

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion and Accessories, an important domain for girls. So we are focusing on following topics under this big category,

  • Fashion, all about celebrity fashion, fashion shows, designer’s collection (especially dresses), cat walks and innovative ideas about fashion.
  • Bags, dedicated to new and latest collection of handbags, designer handbags and beautiful collection of handbags for different events.
  • Jewelry, topic concentrates on designer jewelry, new jewelry collection and jewelry of all types, like gold, silver, diamonds etc.
  • Shoes, all about designer shoes, latest collection, and creative ideas about shoes.


Every girls want to be unique, cute and beautiful, so PakistaniModels.pk is covering following topics under this domain,

  • Makeup, covers different factors and parts beautifully in the form of articles or galleries like eye makeup, makeup tips, foundations etc.
  • Hair care, mainly concentrates on different, new and stylish hairstyles, celebrity hairstyle and all about hair care.
  • Hair Removal, smooth, sexy and silky skin adds charm to the modern lifestyle, and this is possible with proper and perfect hair removal methods and techniques only. PakistaniModels.pk is covering best articles for girls and women, so they can achieve maximum beauty to attract opposite sex and build a confident personality.

Health & Fitness

We believe, life loses its charm and beauty without health and fitness. So we are covering following topics under this heading,

  • Weight Loss, who does not want to be smart, stylish, charming and of course sexy and hot. So we are covering quality articles and galleries that best fit to this topic.
  • Skin Care, glowing and health skin is a dream of every girl and women. PakistaniModels.pk is covering best articles and other resources in this category.
  • Acne, we know that it can be covered under skin care, but it is most common problem of skin and most of girls and women are suffered from this. So we decided to cover it in detail under standalone topic.
  • Plastic Surgery, we know it is a broad term and may be suited best for medical or health blogs, but PakistaniModels.pk will cover celebrity plastic surgery, and other techniques like liposuction, abdominoplasty etc that plays an important role in the acceleration and dramatic transformations of beauty.


Showbiz is an important department which has lot of attraction for women and girls. We always inspire with celebrity styles and fashion, so we are covering under this,

  • Magazine Covers, magazine plays an important role in the determination of fashion trends, so we are covering magazine covers as maximum as possible under this topic.
  • Magazine Editorials, section is dedicated to the editorials of latest magazines, so girls and women can track the best and trendy fashion to beautify their outfits and figures.
  • Ad Campaigns, topic is dedicated to the different ad campaigns that are best suited under the PakistaniModels.pk topics like fashion, style etc

* You may be disappointed, we will not publish any post of our topics that has collision with ethics and moral.

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  • I am writting to express my interest in the role of a model. I am a very friendly and confident individual and comfortable infront of a camera. I would very much welcome the opportunity and disscuss my application in person. Please find enclosed my Portfolio for your perusal. I look forward to hearing from you.Kind Regards Zahra Malik.

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