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Ahsan Khan the great Pakistani TV actor was born on 9th of October 1981. Khan was not born in Pakistan. His birth place is London.  A thing which most of you people do not know about him is that, he has twin brother too. He has two elder sisters and an older brother. Ahsan’s most of the childhood passed away in traveling from England to Pakistan or Pakistan to England. He did his masters from Govt. College University, Lahore in English Literature. But after sometime Ahsan Khan left this profession and become engaged in fashion and acting industry. He is not a single person. His marital status is married and he is also a father of two children. He has one boy whose name is Akbar Khan and a daughter Sukaina.Ahsan-Khan-Wife-Wedding-Pics-01

Career of Ahsan Khan

Pakistani Model Khan started his career of acting with the movie Nikkah in 1998. In the same year he also did Ghar Kb Ao Gy. Both these films were supper hit. This is just the beginning for Ahsan. After these films, he decided to go in to the television industry. One the one hand he was doing film Nikkah and on the other hand he was doing drama serial Hans Ki Chal on Pakistan Television (PTV). The film got success and drama becomes flop. His other film Ghr Kb Ao Gay was also very successful and got many awards. After this Ahsan get many projects. But he preferred television acting more than acting in a film.  So Ahsan Khan selected television acing as a professional career. In an interview with media he told about the reason, why Ahsan Khan changes his profession?

First time Indian singers were introduced in Pakistani Movie Ghar Kb Ao Gy under pseudonyms and I was everywhere. After this it happened that force me to change my field. At that time Ahsan Khan is in London doing the twin projects of Javed Fazil, Chashmaan and Khayal. When I knew about Waada, which was a sangeeta venture, and I was not giving too much time to this theater show. I was really surprised after knowing that I had only did one two scenes and one song for the film. I was expected to do more. Khan becomes really upset. The reputation Ahsan Khan got after Ghar Kb ao Gay and Nikah was in

I was really upset. The reputation I had built up after Nikaah and Ghar Kab Aao Gay was going to destroy. Therefore Ahsan Khan decided to leave the film industry.

Work Done Yet
  1. Barson Baad PTV
  2. Zindagi PTV
  3. Sharbati PTV
  4. Dastaan Hum TV
  5. Tera pyar nahi Bhoole on PTV
  6. Mere Chara ghar on GEO TV
  7. Annie Ki Aaegi Baraat on GEO TV
  8. Taake Ki Aaegi Baraat on GEO TV
  9. Saat Sur Rishtoon Ke PTV
  10. Chingaarian PTV
  11. Duniya Daari PTV
  12. Gharoor PTV
  13. Kaghaz Kay Phool PTV
  14. Ana GEO Entertainment
  15. Mutthi Bhar Aasman ARY Digital
  16. Taqdeer PTV
  17. Din Dhale PTV
  18. Koonj GEO Entertainment
  19. Mehndi Waale Haath GEO Entertainment
  20. Tapish PTV
  21. Chashmaan Shahgul PTV
  22. Kaahe ko Biyahe Badais GEO Entertainment
  23. Dil Dard Dhuwaan ARY Digital
  24. Saiqa Hum TV
  25. Vasl Hum TV
  26. Shaam Dhale GEO Entertainment
  27. Dil Hai ke Diya Hai Zaviyaar GEO Entertainment
  28. Safaid Posh GEO Entertainment
  29. Banjar GEO Entertainment
  30. Parsa Hum TV
  31. Pani Jaisa Piyar Saad Hum TV
  32. Takay ki Ayegi Baraat Azar GEO Entertainment
  33. Neeyat

After this Pakistani fashion model and actor appeared in Shala Kot. The producer of this drama was Ashfaque Ahmed. He was continuously offered from film industry but Khan rejected every time. You can see Ahsan Khan’s Beautiful and hot pics in our awesome gallery.


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