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Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands 2015

Arabic Mehndi Designs are very common these days. As you know many festivals and occasion are coming in upcoming days such as EID, Christmas, Easter and many more. Therefore every girl and women are going into the parlors for mehndi artist to get new patterns on their hands. This is the thing which gives very beautiful and attractive look to your hand. Their images for Arabic mehndi designs for palms are very famous therefore a big range of these patterns available and many artists making new images every day.  These designs can be placed in different categories including feet patterns, Arabic Mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs and many more. Another category is available which is called African tattoos but these patterns are only use in some countries and commonly known as tattoos. People make these tattoos on their different parts of body and these tattoos are permanent not temporary like Arabic mehndi designs. All the drawings can be used in any party, marriage and festival of your religion. All the patterns are made by keeping in mind all above categories. But today we will talk about only Arabic mehndi designs 2015 because this article is all about them.Arabic Mehndi Designs 2015

Arabic Mehndi Designs

These patterns of mehndi are very simple and easy to draw on your hand. Even you can yourself make these patterns on your hands and these patterns are very cool and beautiful.  These Arabic Mehndi Designs are different from other category because you will not see any scenery and images of different animals such as elephants, jaguars and peacock. These kinds of pictures are commonly found in other categories. These Arabic mehndi designs for hands contain easy geometrical shapes, floral art and reflecting tattoos. Another thing which is very unique about them for hands that they do not cover your whole hand or palm with it therefore your skin is also visible after making these images.

Since these patterns are available in old and new kinds so it depends upon you that which design you choose to draw on your hands. In the list of primitive patterns you will see mostly symmetrical, flowers and floral designs. But when you see the new patterns of Arabic mehndi designs then you will found designs like tattoos. The theme and cause of all the tattoo designs is exactly the same except for one thing that is change is the continuous shape and patterns. I will give you advice to always discuss about the Arabic mehndi designs 2013 with your artist of henna when you have decided to make it on your hands. As I have told you about henna artist so it is necessary to choose those henna artists who have well experienced and continuously working in this competitive field. This is required because only a good designer can make your hands beautiful and attractive by drawing these patterns on your hands.

Why we use Arabic mehndi designs? This is the question which every girls and woman want to be answered. The answer of this question is that we use these designs because they are the simplest and easy to draw as compare to other categories of the Arabic mehndi designs. Another reason is that they are not expensive like other Indian designs and African designs. The final reason is that Arabic mehndi designs are quite unique and every girl wants to make these patterns on her hand.http://www.pakistanimodels.pk/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wpgallery/img/t.gif

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