Ayesha Omer Hot Pics, Biography and Profile

Today Pakistan Fashion Magazine tells you about Ayesha Omer hot. This Fashion model was born on 12th of October 1980 in Lahore, Pakistan. Omer is not just a model; she is also a VJ, singer and Pakistani actress as well. She completed her higher education from very famous National College of Arts, Lahore. Her basic interest was in fine arts.

When we talk about multi talented actors and models, Pakistani Models and fashion industry is not behind any country of the world. Pakistani fashion industry produces huge variety of talent continuously. Every year new talented faces are coming on the screen.

Ayesha Omer’s Acting Career


Pakistani hot female model Ayesha got Acknowledgment with the teen based program College. Jawad Bashir was the director of this show. He is also graduated from NCA. Pakistani actor and singer Ali Zafar and other famous actors were also performing this show.  Other than modeling and hosting, Pakistani fashion model hot Ayesha Omer also doing acting in Nautanki, which was NCA’s drama group. Whatever that time she still needed a formal training in acting. NCA supported her well to perform any kind of act. When she was student of NCA, she has been done modeling in eighteen shows and also acted in seven stage dramas from Lahore’s armature theater group. Top Fashion model Omer is now appreciated in her performance in Bulbulay. In this drama Ayesha Omer is doing a role of Khoobsurat.

Music Career

Ayesha Omer has very short music career. She has only two hit songs. i.e. Aao, and Koi to Ho.

Hosting Career

Pakistani actress and model Ayesha Omar was always keen interested in charity work and theater as well. From her early days of school life, she was always trying do theater and arts activities. Actually model Ayesha Omer hot was also the chairperson of arts activities in her school. There she managed costumes, conceptual activities and theater production. In summer holidays, she always tries to give her time for the special children of Rising Sun School. At the age of eight, she did her first television show Meray Bachpan Kay Din.  She has been also taking interviews of different celebrities about their early life. VJ Ayesha Omer hot was the co-host with Muneeza Hashmi.

After getting success in Kollege, Omer applied a role of host in a show called Rhythm. Rhythm was the show of Prime TV. She has done interviews with different singers and musicians in Pakistan. Two big names Shazia Manzor and Arif Lohar are also came in this list. Pakistani actress Ayesha Omer hot has also worked in a cooking show. The name of this show was Hot Chocolate. Presently she is doing a show Ye Waqt Hai Mera that is flying on CNBC.

Latest News

As we all know these days the drama serial Zindagi Gulzar Hy is going on air in Pakistan and some other countries. Two episodes of the serial have been completed and suddenly due to role of Ayesha Omer the drama has now fell in to the controversy. The behind this issue is the T-shirt of Ayesha and the word are printed on the front side of shirt are “little miss jihad”. Below these words a photo of female cartoon is also printed, who have wear burqa and also a bomb on her back side.




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