Basic And Simple Beauty Tips For Face

Every girl and women should know all the basic and simple beauty tips for face. Most of the girls do not know what their face skin demands in great quantity. If your skin is rough, dry and dull then surely it requires special care and attention from you. We all know that the skin of every girl is different from each other. All the girls have different skin tone most of them have rough and dry skin and some of them have oily skin tone. It does not matter what kind of your skin is but when there is a problem with your skin then you should give complete attention to it. The main purpose of this article is to tell you the simple beauty tips for face therefore we will discuss different kinds of skin tones. In this article you will not be able to see the details; we will just describe the summary for different skin tones and mention some skin care tips.Simple Beauty Tips For Face

Simple Beauty Tips For Face

The most common types of women skin tones are Oily Skin Tone, Dry Skin Tone and Normal Skin Tone. Now we will discuss each step by step with some natural beauty tips for skin as well.


If we compare the oily skin with other kinds of skin tones then it demands more care and attention. Due to oil it case different skin problems such as white heads, blemishes, dark spots and black heads. If you do not take care of this then after sometimes it produce pimples scars and acne.


The first beauty tip is to decrease the use of junk and oily foods items. Increase the use of fruits, juices and vegetables, and try to make your habit to eat them daily. Try to wash your face at least three times in a day like you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will reduce the oil level from your skin and you do not have to use any moisturizer because your skin does not demand this. These beauty tips will really help to decrease the oiliness from your skin.


Now we will talk about another complex skin tone known as dry skin tone. Your skin becomes dry mostly in the winter season and it has many reasons. Dry skin looks very ugly and it does not fight against germs. So your skin cells become uncomfortable and as a result pimple scars and acne will appear on face. If you ignore it then further it can cause of wrinkles on whole face especially around the eyes. And you know wrinkles causes you to look more elder then you.


I know in winter you shower with hot water but avoid it and always take shower with normal water. Make a habit to use a moisturizer before washing your face. It will decrease the dryness and roughness of your face. Use clean and soft towel after taking shower and face wash and never rinse strongly for drying it. By following these simple beauty tips for dry skin you will surely feel change in your skin tone.


The combination of dry and oily skin tone is called natural skin tone. Normally natural skin does not cause many problems but if it damages then you will face breakouts over the chins, nose, and cheeks and around the eyes. This type of skin mostly damages because of change in the weather conditions and environment.

Beauty Tips For Natural Skin Tone:

Don’t try to use every kind of makeup tips and also avoid different makeup applications. Try to keep your skin simple and natural then it will remain germ free. Natural skin looks more beautiful than the heavy makeup skin. Avoid soaps and always use moisturizing face wash to make your skin clear and clean. By these natural beauty tips you can make your face more natural and beautiful.

If you think that your skin is facing such kinds of problems then must try these basic and simple beauty tips for face and enjoy beautiful and healthy skin. If you have any questions then please share with us via comments below.

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