Best Tips For Hairs To Make Beautiful Hairstyles

Hairs are the most important part of our body as well as personality. It can change our personality from zero to hundred and hundred to zero as well. To increase our personality they need some special kind of care so that they become healthy and beautiful. However it is more important that genetic material plays 70% role in our beauty and the remaining 30% we will do with special care. We know that the hairs of every person are different from other even that sometimes brothers and sisters hairs are also different from each other. Their colors, length, characteristics all are different of different people. Below you can find some important tips for hair care growth which will improve the beauty of personality surely.

Oiling is Necessary For Hairs Growth

Use of any oil on hairs is the most important thing. You can say that they demand that oil for their continuous growth and this is the need of everyone’s. You can use different kinds of oils that are available in markets such as sesame oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Coconut oil is very essential for all kinds of hairs especially for dry and dandruff rich. It works as a moisturizer and removes the dryness and dandruff from scalp. Massage with the coconut oil or olive oil on head scalp and roots for at least thirty (30) minutes. For much better results you can do this process three times in a week. I will tell you a bonus tip, use a mixture of egg, mayonnaise and olive oil than use it on our head as a conditioner and wash with normal water after 30 minutes.

Pick your shampoo and conditioner:

This is difficult to choose conditioner and shampoo for yourself because not every shampoo suits you. Never massage with shampoo on scalp but wash hair regularly with shampoo and use conditioner after this. If you massage on scalp you may scratch your scalp with your nails accidentally. The use of conditioner is necessary to make them smooth and silky.  But make sure you wash them completely that a single drop of shampoo or conditioner left behind. Never wash them with hot water always use cool or lukewarm water. By using cool water the hair cuticles closes, which are locks in moisture. Last tip is not to go outside when they are dirty.


You know is there any way to fix the split end of hairs? I know the answer is no. Therefore trim you’re their ends after every two months because split ends of hair can cause more damage to head. As a result the smoothness of them will also decrease time by time. So this is the only way to get rid of them is to cut them after every two months.

Avoid daily Heat Styling:

Never use dryer and straighter daily for styling of it; you should use good styling tools for hairstyles. Never use any tool with constant heat, make it variable so it will not damage their roots. If you want to avoid any kind of hair damage then use your tools at lowest heat setting. Use strengtheners in only occasions and parties because excess use of this will make hair rough and dry which will cause damage.

Take Protein:

The thing that makes them strong is protein; it plays an important role in growth and makes them strong. Eat those things which have lots of protein in it such as vegetables and fruits liked citrus fruits, potato, banana, poultry, spinach, fish, meat, milk and folic acid. The foods contain vitamin B C and D are also good for hair. The most important is to drink plenty of water daily minimum 8 glasses.

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