Beauty Tips For Women and Girls

You all know that Pakistani Models is a place of beauty tips for women and girls. Today we will share some best tips about beauty and style, because I feel very proud to help you people. So here are the top and best 10 ten tips that you must have follow to increase beauty.

Best 10 Beauty Tips For Women

Beauty Tips For Women and Girls

This is a normal thing that most of the women when buying a foundation, they always check the color on their hands or wrists. The color of hands and face is too much different; therefore we always try to check colors of foundation on the jaw line of our face. On the jaw line it shows that it suits us or not. If we are buying a foundation from a big mall or shop then ask them for tester and try it there, so we can decide that it is a right color for our self or not.

This is a great beauty tips for women to save their some money because you can use eye shadows in the place of eye liners as well. You have no need to buy an extra eye liner to increase beauty. First of all pick a thin brush and make it little bit wet with water after this take eye shadow and use it as an eye line and you have done.

This beauty tips for women  belongs to their eye lashes, before using eye lashes curler try to heat it with the help of hairdryer. This is a great beauty tip only if you are no heating to much eye lashes curler and before using it always try to check it manually with fingers or hands. If it will be overheated then it can damaged eyes or where I touches face.

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Nail polish beauty tips for women, if nail polish is going to very clumpy of become dry day by day then there is a solution of it. You should add some amount of white spirit or common nail polish remover. It will decrease its dryness and make it usable for upcoming few months.

If you are luckily have a chance to going to a party and you want to apply heavy eye makeup. The beauty tips for women is that to always apply foundation after using the eye shadows, because when we are applying eye shadow then there is a very bright chance that its powder can drop on our face and make ugly face foundation. Therefore if we apply eye shadow before the foundation then we can remove it from our face and then we can easily apply foundation. This beauty tip for women is also applicable to eye makeup for glasses wear.

Another beauty tips for women who having dark circles below their eyes. Most of the women and girls are facing this problem just because of late night sleep. The solution to hide dark circles is to not to use black color mascara on lower eye lashes because if you did this then it will prominent dark circles.

Beauty tips for women and girls who are above thirty five years old, the advice to them is never to use powder eye shadow. It will stick into their face lines and prominent those as a result you become look older.

If you are not very smart and do not know how to use nail polish and whenever you use it make your fingers also paint with nail polish. The solution of beauty tips, for women is to dip a cotton bud in sprit or in a nail polish remover and remove it from where do not want it to be.

If you do not know how to apply lipstick and lip liner then this is a right beauty tips for women and girls because if you are using a matt lipstick then you also need to use a moisturizing cream as well. Moisturizing cream will stop it to dry out.

If you want look unique and beautiful then must try these makeup tips and beauty tips for women and girls. We can use lipstick as a lip liner or lip liner as a lipstick and many more experiments we can do.  In the end you look beautiful and surely proud on yourself. Bonus tip is to drink lots of water to make your skin attractive and shiny.

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