Bridal Dresses For Pakistani Weddings

Bridal Dresses in Pakistan are very common and demanding now days and their demand is increasing as the season of EID is coming. Wedding is the most beautiful and happiness event in the life of every girl and boy. Both bride and groom wait for this event in their life. These moments of marriage makes everyone happy with colors and decoration. The occasion looks more beautiful due to the decorated environment and with beautiful dresses of the bride in marriage. The weddings in Pakistan and India are very amazing and wonderful as compare to the marriages in the entire world because there are many functions such as mehndi designs, brat etc. At every function everyone make special dress for each function and bridal dresses are also different for each function. If you are a foreigner and wants to see Pakistani culture, than you should attend one one of the wedding. I am sure you would enjoy all the functions and wish to be the part of that kind of occasions.Bridal-Dresses-In-Pakistan-2013

Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Most of the functions are come from old tradition but now latest fashion has also made an entry into PakistanThese days fashion trends followed by old traditions in traditional Bridal Dresses and events.  The great example of culture is that they end in three days and somewhere people end it in four days. At First day of wedding they celebrate mehndi function then second day bride and groom arranged in a relation of marriage and third day the celebrate WALIMA. Every day of marriage has its own uniqueness and significance, and brides worn different kinds of Bridal Dresses each day. The other people are not behind her they also wear different suit of each day. But when we talk about bride then she wears very expensive and elegant dress and also makes mehndi designs on her hands and feet. Bridal commonly wears green, orange and yellow colors dresses on mehndi. However, as the world is moving fast towards fashion therefore more colors like pink, see green and black can also be seen. Sometimes brides wear another popular dress long frock with great embroidery and pajama. In Bridal Dresses Gharara is another beautiful dress. Now a day different Pakistani Designers are available who designs new Bridal Dresses for us and the designs are varies in embroidery and style.

The dress of bride has great significance and uniqueness. Mostly the bride wears common red color dress on her wedding with red lipstick. As the trend is changing day by day so new colors are also coming in the fashion in which beige and light pink color is mostly used. We can say it depends totally on bride that which color of bridal dress she wants to wear because red color will not suits on everyone. Therefore different colors Bridal Dresses are also wear by brides such as orange, pink and see green. Pakistani bridal will always cover her head with her dress and this is the thing that shows she is a Muslim girl and also following the culture. Bridal Dresses are fully embroidered with colorful beads and stitches. With these entire thing Pakistani bride also wear some expensive jewelry of gold and diamonds. In the end you can see the beautiful Bridal Dresses of 2016 of our choice.

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