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Creative And Stylish Celebrity Nail Art Designs Of 2013

Creative and stylish celebrity nail art designs of 2013 includes the nail art designs which have graced the tips of Katy Perry, Pink, Lady Gaga, Fergie, Naja Rickette and Mariah Carey and these all designs predicted that fall will bring nail trends of deep, bold and rich colors that include deep blue, oxblood and dark purple. Nail art Designs are changing day by day and are becoming more and more popular. Nail art boost the overall look in a stunning way. From the celebrities to the fashion loving ladies every woman wishes to adorn their nails with the fashionable nail arts. Nail art involves the experience and special care for the transportation of the best effects. A perfectly done gorgeous nail art will extremely create a lady look stylish and modern. This year the nail art designs is all about the bright colors with a lot of pastels, neons and other striking looks. There is also a parallel nude trend that is involving more subtle beige colors.

Stylish Celebrity Nail Art Designs Of 2013

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Lace effect add a texture to the nails. You can create a net look by using a diagonal grid for the lace design. This is an easy and simple nail art design and can be created using a stripper and a doter. The key part of the look can be obtained by having the natural color of the nails peek through. Lace effect can be seen on the tips of many celebrities this fall season.

Natural Nails:

Natural nails are in trend this season. It may seem antithetical to suggest the natural nails for the nail art but this season showing some skin is the hot trend. You can use nail art designs colors and designs through which the natural nail color peek through as it was seen on the Katie Gallagher fall 2013 runway. This is a sexy look and this look can be seen used by celebrities.


Much like the season runways nails art designs have also taken the surrealist approach to designs. Nails are the new accessory now and there is no wonder that nails are following clothes and jewellery. Try the lip designs or the abstract eyes on the nails for a fun and wacky look. Nail designs are supposed to get you noticed and surreal nails will do this in an effective way.

Stiletto Nails:

For the nail art design shape of the nails is also very essential. There are also many shapes of nails that are used as nail art designs along with the nail color designs. For this fall it is the sporty stiletto that can b seen every where. Stiletto nails are very lengthen nails that make fingers look lengthy. For Stiletto nails grow up the nail tips out and file these accordingly before polishing them.

Metallic Shades:

Metallic nail colors are very famous among big celebrities. Metallic nail polish is dazzling every where these days. Silver and gold to the metallic purple and metallic red all are being seen on the runways. Metallic nail art designs look vest on the nails of middle or short length having an oval or square shape. This nail polish is all about having fun.


Nude nail shades are the denim of beauty. These never go out of style. This season there is a slight twist in the nude colors as these are opaque rather than being sheer. This season for nude nail color you can go with grey, milky white or the off white creamy options. You can additionally pimp the nude shade with a metallic finish, glitter dipped or a shiny or matte two toned finish.

All these creative and stylish celebrity nail art designs of 2013 are fresh and are also perfect for the fall season of this year. Along with all these nail trends celebrities also love to do the clear tips nail art designs and the ombre nail art design and these two are commonly seen on runways and fashion shows.

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