Eye Care Tips For Monsoon

The monsoon season is coming and eye care is very important for you. For many of you this monsoon weather will be very enjoyable. All the children as well as young boys and girls love to wet in the rain because of too hot summer season. But sometimes it also left its bad effects also such as viral infection and many more. These days I am also suffering from this viral infection and therefore I am writing this article. Sometimes it left its dangerous effects on them therefore eye care is very necessary and you should protect them. Some of the major problems are dry eyes, eye sty, corneal ulcers etc. If we take little attention to our eyes and take care of them then we can make them healthy and active and prevent many infections. Then we can easily enjoy this monsoon.Eye Care Tips For Monson

Below you can read some of the common infections of the monsoon.

Eye sty


This is the kind of infection that causes pain on the lid of eye. This disease is caused by the bacterial infection and spreading continuously. But it is not very dangerous you can get rid of this infection at home by taking some medicines and special care.

Dry eyes

If water is flowing constantly from your eyes then you are suffering from an infection of this disease. So this is the flow of water from eyes and it causes pain irritation and vision problem such as blur vision. This viral infection is caused by dust and pollution therefore must take care of them in monsoon.

Corneal ulcer

The infection corneal makes the thin shape over the iris. This dangerous infection cornea is called corneal ulcer. This is more dangerous than above two because it cause more pain and blur vision. Due to this infection it cause eye discharging also. If you are suffering from this infection than immediately go to eye specialist.

Beneficial Eye Care Tips

The first and most important eye care tips is not to touch them with your dirty hands and also told children to not to touch them. Always clean and clear your hands by washing them with good quality soap.

Apply eye makeup with lot of care and also avoid all cosmetics products when you are suffering from infection. Do not share your makeup brushes with any other. Because these infection spread from sharing your things with one another. If you are doing eye makeup then use mascara and other product of reliable brand and never use local ones.

Always use your own towel and handkerchief and never share them with anyone because these infection spread from clothes like this.

Always take any antibacterial lotion or hand wash when you are going outside. Try to not to use lenses in the monsoon season and most importantly not share or exchange your lenses with any one because in this way bacteria will transfer easily and cause various infections. If there is necessary to use others lenses than first wash them completely and then use carefully. Use glasses while going outside to protect your eyes from dust particles.

If you want to save your eyes from all above disease then you should follow my all tips. These all eye care tips will really help you to make your eyes better.

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