Eye Makeup Tips For EID 2013

As you know the EID is coming and all the people are busy in shopping and hustle bustle. How girls can left beauty specially eye makeup. In markets you will see different clothes for EID available with various accessories such as bags, shoes, gloves etc. In EID preparation beauty parlors and beauty treatment places will go on air. The shopping of beauty products are also increase and eye makeup is in the trend on this EID.

The makeup of face is the very important part of your beauty because this is the part of your face which makes contact directly with other peoples and increases your confidence level. Now a day the trend has been changed and different women and girls using thick eye liner and pencils on the inner and outside of the eye lid. They are using this technique to increase the beauty of their eyes to look more attractive and beautiful. But most of them forget to do initial eye makeup because they need to do this application for long lasting effect of eye makeup tips.Eye Makeup Tips For Eid

When you are going to start any kind of facial or base on your face then first of all remove all the previously applied make up especially from eye lids and T-zone. For the lasting effect of these beauty products we use foundation application before this. We will also use the application of concealer because it will hide the dark spots and dark circles below our lashes just because of stress and late night sleep.

When you think you have completed the entire basic think then you can choose any color and kind of make-up you want to apply. Below you can also find some best and beautiful trendy eye makeup tips for EID.

Eye Makeup Tips For EID

  1. Light gothic make-up – In this kind we use a combination of black and gray color slightly light and also add a touch of brown color. The combination will gives smoky look and also remain perfect light gothic eye makeup. This kind of makeup you can use on any color of dress even red color because smoky eyes makeup is at number one in the list of beauty products.
  2. Peacock colors eye makeup – These days girls have started to apply beauty products resembles to peacock colors because it looks very beautiful and fresh like morning birds. The yellow, green and blue colors mostly used while doing peacock eye makeup and it done in such a way that increasing from light to dark shade towards eyebrow line.
  3. Moonlight inspired eye makeup – This is very easy to do because you just have to do any kind of eye makeup of your own choice and then add a silver color touch in the end. This tip is now used by the professional makeup artist commonly because they think silver color produce the uniqueness in the makeup and provide more beautiful look.
  4. Retro make-up – This is another simple kind because you just have to choose one bright and one vivid color and apply them on the lid of the eye. This is the latest fashion developed by the beauticians. There are no limitations of colors as well you may choose them according to your outfit or matching with them.
  5. Cat lashes make-up – Cats like look can be done by leaving the tear duct empty and just apply the makeup on the eye lid. You can also apply the white or bronze color shade on the tear duct, it will prominent them. After this pull the eye liner towards top as far as you think it is looking good, this is the basic of this kind of eye makeup.

The final tip is to apply some powder just below your eye lids clear it from brush after the makeup is completed. It will help to remove any kind of mistake and smudges while you make applying eye makeup.

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