Eye Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers Women

This article is about Eye Makeup Tips for glasses wearer women and girls. These days the market of glasses is on air, all the fashionable girls and women should accept this fact that the eye glasses plays an important role to look fashionable and beautiful. It is also an important accessory of  makeup things. If you want to look beautiful and attractive then must select glasses in a perfect way that suits you. It is most important that your eyes are behind these glasses. But we know most of the people wear glasses because it is essential just because of medical reasons and other problems.

You must take into account glasses before applying eye makeup tips and must follow the certain rules to apply makeup tips.However you use glasses due to medical reason or as a fashion thing, but always apply makeup in a proper way that your eyes looks awesome and looks alive.

It does not matter which kind of  glasses frame your wearing because most of the time it is easy to admit all types of eye makeup tips for glasses wear women. Pakistani Models is providing the list of tips which will really help you to look confident, however when your beautiful eyes are behind the glasses.Eye-Makeup-Tips-for-Glasses-Wearers-Women

Eye Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers Girls

  1. Usually the most important eye makeup tips is that before applying makeup the color one of the makeups should match to the color of the frame. If you want to chose the same color than you can. The colors silver, grey and deep blue glasses are suitable for cold colors. On the other hand the beige and golden glasses mostly suitable for warm colors.
  2. The glasses around eyes creates a particular expression, therefore you should have to pay great attention to mask it properly. For this purpose you may use a particular concealor or corrector for this.
  3. Most importantly in eye makeup tips for glasses wear that the shape of the glasses must match to eyebrows, if it does not match then at least both eyebrows and glasses does not oppose to each other. If eyebrows are smooth enough and little bit curved then it will be look perfect with any kind of frame. You can also produce some attractive look on your brow bye shading with some pencil or base powder, but this is possible only if your frame very light and thin enough for this. But never highlight your eyebrows if you are going to wear dark color and massive glasses.
  4. Always use mascara with care because a blemish made by dirt when it become watery or tired. You should always carry special drops, which will help you fight against, and redness of them and the irritation produced by this. You may also use the artificial eyelashes in the place of mascara. Those eyelashes are also looks natural and more beautiful than original and can stay as long as more than four weeks.
  5. The fifth makeup tip is that never apply shadows beyond the line of frame, because it will create disorder and produce dirty look, ugly look and your beautiful look become disappears.
  6. Those boys and girls can use more colors who were suffering from Myopia (Nearsightedness, Shortsightedness). Because the size of eyes looks smaller than usual therefore you should use bright colors shadows.
  7. The next eye makeup tips are that if you have a disease of farsightedness (Presbyopia) than you should use conservative and soft colors. These shades really help you to look natural. Because due to the effect of the farsighted lenses your eyes looks bigger than natural. If you want to minimize this effect than by darkening the inner eye lid and lighter the corner the lid. Due to this your eyes close to your nose and look beautiful.
  8. The final and important in the eye makeup tips is to selection of glasses frame. Always chose the frame according to your shape of face and hair style. The makeup should not prevail and it has to be maintains your original image.

So now there are many options you have, so done experiments as many as you according to these eye makeup tips. I hope you would like these eye makeup tips for glasses wearer’s women and girls. If you have any question, feel free to comment.

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