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Fahad Mustafa is a new and young talented model in Pakistani television and fashion industry. Mustafa was born on 26th of June, 1983 in Karachi; Pakistan. Pakistani Model Fahad’s father name is Salahuddin Tunio. He was also a very good Sindhi Pakistani Actor. He is not only an actor. He is a versatile person. He also worked as a producer, host and a model. In a very short period of time he has achieved too much success, which is not easy to get at the age of twenty five.

Acting Career of Fahad Mustafa

Pakistani Host Mustafa begun his career of acting with a supper hit drama serial Sheeshay Ka Mehal in 2002. Noor Apa was the producer of this drama. Apa was not interested on casting Fahad Mustafa in this drama. But Pakistani Actor made such a good impression that she ready to cast him. However dialogues are not given to him. In an interview with us male model says:Fahad-Mustafa-Wife-Wedding-Pics-15

The producer Noor Apa had no trust in me. My job in that drama was to nod my head by listen the dialogues of other characters. They were paying me Rs.2000 per day. The shoots of this drama was also very slow. Therefore, I got enough money to buy a good looking car. I did twenty episode of that serial without expressing any single word. After these episodes Fahad Mustafa got confidence to ask producer for dialogues. She replied Fahad do not need any dialogues as he is doing superbly without speaking dialogues.

Pakistani fashion model actor Mustafa took the words of Noor as a compliment. After 17 or eighteen episodes the drama becomes off air and totally flops. But the silent Fahad generally approved. After the drama Sheshy Ka Mehel, a separate script wrote for Pakistani Model Fahad Mustafa by Noor Apa.

The first drama serial in which host Fahad got the main loading role was Veena. In year 2008 in PTV, he also produced his first drama serial Kalag. Pakistani female model and actress Sanam Baloch has also done a role opposite to Fahad Mustafa in his serial. At the age of twenty five, he has proved himself as a successful person. He was very lucky because he did not face any failure to achieve that position in his life. According to my point of view, he can get more than this as he is multi talented man.

Pakistani top model Fahad Mustafa got real popularity after his appearance in drama serial Main Abdul Qadir Hun. This was the hit drama in the history of Pakistan Television. Serial was broadcasted on HUM TV. Fahad did a role of mentally sick person in this drama. At the age of 20 he becomes spoil brat but finally he turned into a religious man. Fahad Mustafa has also done a fabulous job in other two drama serials included Mastan Mahi and Pul Siraat. Other famous plays don by fahad mustafa are Ae Dasht-e- Junoon, Aashti, Mahal, Haal-e-dil, Bahu Rani and Mera Saeen.


The Pakistani reality show Nachly is also hosted by fashion model Fahad Mustafa.  Presently he is doing job as a host in a morning show Jago Pakistan Jago on HUM TV. He was also nominated for the best actor award for drama serial Hal-e- Dil.

Work Done

Pakistani Models is also attaching the list of drama serials and show done by Fahad Mustafa.

  1. Sheeshay Ka Mahal Rafael Geo TV in 2002
  2. Wujood-e-Laraib Sadi Indus Vision in 2004
  3. ILahasil Zain Hum TV in 2005
  4. Thora Saath Chaihiye Savi ARY Digital in 2005
  5. Najiah Naveed Hum TV in 2007
  6. Thori Door Sath Chalo Mansoor Hum TV in 2007
  7. Malika Zubair Hum TV in 2007
  8. Veena Veena ARY Digital in 2008
  9. Tair-e-Lahooti Pasha Hum TV in 2008
  10. Karwatein Fahad Mustafa ARY Digital in 2008
  11. 2009 : Sehra Aur Samander in 2009
  12. Tum Jo Milay Hadi Ramadan Special Series on Hum TV
  13. Aasmaan Chunay Do Ibrahim Geo TV
  14. Aashti Shamsh-ul-Islam Geo TV
  15. Yeh Zindagi Hai Bhola Geo TV
  16. Andata Indus Vision
  17. 2010 : Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Abdul Qadir Hum TV in 2010
  18. Meray Naseeb Ki Barishein Ahsan Kamal ARY Digital
  19. Tumhe Kuch Yaad Hai Jaana Nayan Geo TV
  20. Haal-e-Dil Taimoor Nominated – 10th Annual Lux Style Award for Best TV Actor (Satellite)
  21. Hum TV
  22. Bahu Rani Talal ARY Digital
  23. Sandal Asad Ullah Geo TV
  24. Aitbaar Raja Umair Ali Hum TV
  25. Bichernay Se Pehlay Zaheer ATV
  26. Ae Dasht-e-Junoon Junaid Hum TV in 2001
  27. Nigah-e-Ishq Indus Vision
  28. Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya Mazhar ARY Digital
  29. Pul Siraat Asad ARY Digital
  30. Maaye Ni Huzaifa ARY Digital
  31. Ek Hatheli Pe Hina Ek Hatheli Pe Lahu Zain-ul-Abideen Geo TV
  32. Mastana Mahi Adal Hum TV
  33. Khatti Meethi Zindagi Babar Hum TV
  34. Bin Teray Hum TV

Personal Life

Top model Fahad Mustafa becomes engaged in a relation of marriage with Sana Fahad. He also has a one year old daughter Fatima. You can see the beautiful and hot wallpapers of Fahad Mustafa in our gallery.

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