Cashing his Look, Fawad Khan Asks To Do More

Ashar of Drama Hamsafar and Zaroon of Zindadi Gulzar Hai is right now the top leading actor of Pakistan TV drama. Be it an Award show, Drama or an advert, people love to watch Fawad Khan.  After years hard work and then gaining immense fame in the past few years. Now Khan has seems to handle himself and his career very maturely. He will be doing chosen roles in TV and carefully selective roles in movies. Not ending here Fawad Khan is reportedly demanding to get paid for every scene he enacts. This news was reported in an Urdu newspaper recently. Where it was told that actors are usually paid per episode, but Fawad Afzal Khan has formed a new trend of getting paid for every scene! Good Lords.

Fawad Khan Cashing His Look

Following Fawad Khan other actors are also happy to adopt this trend. As they also have started charging for every scene. No doubt ! This is a bad news for producers who now have to pay more to actors which interferes with their allocated budget. The actor’s high fees means producers now have to compromise on other aspects of the serial to fulfill the demands of the actors.
This news has given TV producers a shock. As many of them wanted to cast the most demanded and renowned actor of Pakistani Industry. But lets see who can afford to cast him in their serials. With this demanding news we also heard that Fawad is completely booked till 2014 because of two movies and a few other dramas. Does this mean Khan is giving producers time to collect moeny IF they want to cast him. Indeed Very Smart !Cashing-his-Look-Fawad-Khan-asks-to-DO-MORE

As the demand of viewers falls. Without a shadow of doubt. There are so many fans of Fawad Afza Khan who want to see him. Channels get high ratings if Fawad Khan is leading the show. But due to his high demands now producers have to think twice before they cast him. Amazingly Story that we are sharing here is also been told on Bollywood website. Seems like our neighbors are also keeping an eye on Khan. Obviously they must be exploring the actor ( Fawad Khan )who already signed a Bollywood movie.Cashing-his-Look-Fawad-Khan-asks-to-DO-MORE-600x375

Fawad Khan has a huge fan following and the audiences have a lot of expectations from him to do quality projects. Given a decade to Pakistan Showbiz in modeling, singing and now in acting. We think Fawad Khan deserves to get paid the way he wants. We will wish all the best to Khan.

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