Fawad Khan New Drama Serial NUMM

Fawad Khan new drama serial “Numm” is coming soon. Khan’s fans are also very excited to watch him a completely different role. So the dreams of his fans are going to come true. Because Pakistani Actor and Model Fawad Khan is doing a different job as compare to his previous drama serials. The TV serial Numm features of an Astral such as Usman Peerzada and Sania Saeed. In this drama serial Pakistani Model Fawad is playing a lead role opposite to Kanza Wayne and Sania Saeed.  The trailers of this play are looking very interesting. We can understand after seeing the promos that the story is about feudalistic home.Fawad-Khan-New-Drama-Serial-Numm

Characters of Fawad Khan’s New Drama Serial Numm

In Fawad Khan’s new drama serial Numm he did not change his looks for the play. As in this drama he is playing a role of Oxford Graduate who cannot changes his roots however how much he wants. Khan does not seem to be the distinctive member of feudalistic family or a person who belongs to this kind of family. But after seeing the promos or trailers Khan is reasonably involve in this system. The trailers are is much detail and specifying the name of every member of this play or drama. Second good news is that, we will also see another star of film industry after a long time whose name is Farah Khan. She is also the part of this big project. The director of this drama serial is Ahsan Talish and the story of this play is written by Maria Sajid. But the surprise is that no one knows which channel will broadcast this serial. The trailers are unquestionably too much inscrutable and you may want to search more about this drama. I can bet you would really like this play.  Below you can see the promos of Fawad Khan new drama serial Numm.

Numm 12 minute Promo ~ Fawad Khan and Sania… by Desi_Rulez

Upcoming Drama Numm promo 2 by dm_518bd58194e96

Another Serial is Coming:

Another drama serial is coming soon Amar Bail and Pakistani actress Nadia Khan and your favorite actor Fawad Khan is selected.

I know this is a great surprise for the lovers of Fawad Khan who are waiting for the new drama serial of him. It may be a treat for you people. The news is leaked on social medial websites and forums that both of them has been selected for this drama Amar Bail.

The story of this drama is written by Umera Ahmed and this is the only thing that we yet know about this serial. She has also write a great novel named Peer-e-Kamil which is a wonderful novel, after start reading this novel you cannot left this before finishing as it will take your mind into another world. In this serial Fawad Khan will do the role of Umar which is the main character of this drama and on the other hand Nadia is doing the role of Aliza. Most of the people think that she is not very good screen actress because she mostly seen on the morning shows but I want to tell you one thing that she has did a role of Parsa;s daughter in drama serial Parsa and this drama serial was very hit on television.

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