5 Health Tips For Ramzan Must To Do

You must take care of your health in Ramzan. Therefore today we will tell you 5 best health tips for Ramzan. We all know that this is the most revered month for Muslims. In this holy month we keep fast for our GOD and revere him more as compared to the normal days. We should know that this beautiful month is associated with aftar and sehri. God provided this month for us as a gift.5 Health Tips For Ramzan Must To Do

This is ramzan is coming in the month of July which is the hottest month of summer in Pakistan. Therefore this time the fasting time much bigger than previous all years round about 16 hours. This is equal to the 2 parts of the day. We just have maximum eight hours in a day to eat and drink as much we can. This small time is given us to normalize or our appetite. But what we do? We eat more than our normal days in these eight hours.  Due to this we face many wellness and digestive problems. We should follow these health tips for ramzan to save us from these problems. Therefore you must follow these tips for ramzan to maintain your wellness while fasting.

Best 5 Health Tips For Ramzan

1. Meal of Sehri

The first important tip in health tips for ramzan is that to eat fresh and healthy food in sehri (Breakfast at the dawn). If you want to pass your 15-16 fasting easily than try to eat energy full diet having composite carbohydrates and eat those foods which have slow digesting process. Because if the food remain longer in your stomach than you not feel hungry whole day. You can eat lentils, millet, oats, beans, unpolished rice, wheat and barley having composite carbohydrates.

2. Light Digestive Aftar

The second in the ramzan health tips is light digestive aftar. This is one of the common thinking is to eat in large quantity as compare to the normal days. At the time of aftari people eat many oily and fried foods such as pakoras, French fries and samaosas. But the concept is wrong because these things are only good for just taste but not good for your wellness. These fast food things will disturb your stomach and also not digest easily. Therefore in these health tips will suggest you to eat those foods which have light digestive and eat thing will full of nutrition such as green tea and fruits.

3. Exercise

Exercise is in the most important health tips for ramzan. Science has also proved that if you did exercise while fasting than it will be very helpful for your wellness. I will make stronger digestive system and also increase the rate of your metabolism. You should take forty minutes cycling or walk for thirty minutes to burn extra stored calories from your body. Try to clean you room or anything to remain physically active. Also pray five times a day because it is one of the best health tips. As prayer includes worshiping and also exercise to active your body.

4. Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is come at number four in health tips for ramzan. You should prefer to this in ramzan and also try to focus on spiritual well-being (a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous). Try give your most of the time in worship of Allah Almighty as compare to the normal days. Pray regularly five times a day will make you closer to Allah and then you will get relief from all troubles and stress.

5. Goals

This the last heath tips for ramzan you must follow is to set you goals for wellness. The month of Ramzan is the most beneficial time to get benefit of health. You know fasting makes a man healthy. It controls your dyspepsia and also flow low blood sugar. It is most helpful for those people who are overweighed; they can weight loss in this month. But it can only be done by setting 30 days goals.

I hope you will like these health tips for ramzan and will enjoy beautiful and healthy life. Any question please let me know by via comments.

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