How To Apply Lipstick And Lip Liner

In this world most of the young girls do not know how to apply lip liner and how to apply lipstick in appropriate and perfect way. Majority of girls use the lip liner in a very horrible way that she feels uneasy in front of others. Applying the lip liner is not a hard task at all but the girl still have to be confident what she is doing.  She should follow the lips direction to apply the lip liner in a beautiful way. This article is written for those women and girls who don’t know how to apply the lip liner and lipstick in beautiful way. They must follow the following steps to use apply it perfectly.How To Apply Lipstick and Lip Liner

How To Apply Lip Liner

  1. Before starting the liner you must sure that the color of the lipstick should be matched to the tone of the lip liner. Do not ever use the color of the liner that is not covering the lipstick. If you are using the soft shade of lipstick than use the dark color of lip liner or if you are using the lipstick of bright color than make the use of soft liner.
  2. Before using the pencil must sharp it to giving a perfect shape. Make it bacteria and dust free which are present inside the pencil so that it will provide an ideal and finest shape.
  3. First of all you should give more attention to the upper lip. Keep your hands smooth and quite so that the pencil will also move with the same speed.
  4. After this repeat the above step for the lower lip with the same speed.
  5. If you are thinking that the lip liner in not prominent enough to give an beautiful look than make an extra coating too.
  6. After this spread the lip liner on all over the whole lips.
  7. Final step is that takes a tissue paper and applies it smoothly on your lips to give it extra shine or tone.

How To Apply Lipstick

  1. I will tell you the more important thing is that, after applying he foundation over the face you should give attention to your lips as well. Foundation base will help the lipstick and lip liner to become stick at one place.
  2. You should start with the lip liner section. Before applying lipstick you must sure that your mouth is closed and then start from the V shape of your lips.
  3. When you have complete the section of your upper lips than start the section of lower lips.
  4. If you are feeling that the first coating of the lip liner is no giving a good look then you can make an extra thin layer of light color also.
  5. If you want to show your lips bigger than the original, you can give an huge attention to your outer section of the lips and give it a thin layer of coating.
  6. Before making the use of lipstick the lip liner should be applied over all over the lips and lipstick must stick at only one place.
  7. One advises never use a dark lip liner as it will disappear the tone of lipstick. Therefore always use light color lip liner to make the lipstick look prominent.
  8. So we have applied the lip liner perfectly and now you can apply lipstick all over the lipstick.

The all above tips will really help you to know how to apply lip liner and how to apply lipstick. This will take very less time and you will get better result as you done before.

Aiza Khan

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