How To Apply Makeup Before Photo Shoot

Most of the girls and women do not know how to apply makeup for photo shoot or before photography because it not same as you use evening makeup or a day. When you are doing makeup for photo shoot you have to use more prominent colors or dark colors but in daily routine maybe you ought to use only light colors. Dark colors are look beautiful only in pictures. You use bold colors during photo shoot because it is your aim to show your beauty through images and light colors did not show clear in photos. During shooting there is a very different light scheme which reflects from some colors therefore there are little bit different techniques to apply the makeup for photo shoots. This is not difficult as you thinking, you have to just follow some makeup tips to get amazing result for shooting.

How to Apply Makeup for Photo Shoot in Perfect


  • Make your skin smooth and toned by moisturizing the skin before applying any beauty product. You can also did scrub or facial treatment if you think this is essential at that time. As you know it makes your skin artificial, but this if you did a facial treatment then it will reduces the effect of artificial look and gives your skin an attractive and healthy look.
  • While doing makeup for photographers you have to hide your dark circles below your eyes. You can do this by using usually a concealer to hide under eye bags with the help of base of yellow color. It will also make your eyes brighter and removes the unnecessary dark circles for photo shoot. You can use green pigment as well if you have redness around your nose and you can also try nose beauty tips.
  • Now you should know how to apply foundation, take some outclass and unusual foundations and apply it all over the face. Applying a foundation is a very simple task, but most of the profession makeup artist does not take care of the color of your skin, neck and chin. Because during the photo shoot camera will show the fair difference between your face, neck and upper portion of the chest.
  • The question is raised shall we use blush or bronze? There are many good effects of them that can be attained with the help of using blush. But according to my point of view the make that is more common or successful is a bronze, because it has different applications and gives you a more natural and something sculpture look.
  • To make your eyes prominent use eye makeup tips with eye shadows, but you have to use only light colors when you are doing makeup for photo shoot. If you are using dark eye shadows then your eyes become retreat, therefore try to use mascaras in a normal quantity.
  • The flash lights used during the image shoot surely prominent the part of the face where the makeup is applied in a bad way or unblended. Therefore always applied foundations, eye shadows and blushers in a blended way, for this you have to use good quality of brushes.
  • For shooting use of black mascara instead of brown is necessary, because brown mascara did not show clear in images. Here we are applying the same rule as we applied for eyeliner. If you are using brown mascara and it showing in images then it is really good because it make your eyes looks wash out and your eyes looks natural that you have not used eye make-up.
  • Always use a lip liner before applying lipstick, it will save you from frosted effect and your lips do not look messy and as well as faded in photo shoot.

I hope that you should like these useful makeup tips for photo shoot. If you follow exactly the same makeup tips then you will be look like a model or film actress in photo shoots.

Aiza Khan

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