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juggan-kazim-pakistani-models-31Pakistani fashion model and actress Juggan Kazim was born on 7th of January 1981 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Her real name is Syeda Mehr Bano Kazim and she has Pakistani as well as Canadian nationality. Kazim is a very famous model, actress, and also a television programs host. She has done various Canadian and Pakistani films. In 2008, she has also nominated for MTV Model of the Year award. Female model Juggan Kazim is also a brand ambassador of Garnier Fructis Pakistan.

Personal life of Juggan Kazim

Pakistani Model Juggan Kazim have an elder sister and a younger brother. Her uncle (Father’s Brother) Raza Khan is a very famous and illustrious lawyer and admirer of the arts.

She was only one year old when her parents separated from each other. Her father’s name was Syed Abbas Kazim, who let her work as a child model in a very little age because “he thought that, her daughter is very cute to do that “, she says, modeling was her aspiration from an early age and age dose not matter for modeling. Her father was a very conservative man about women. But her mother, Ghazala Saigol was very tolerant and modern woman.

Juggan Kazim completed her education from Kinnaird College and the King’s College of Canada and got the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Media. She has also studied Cisco Certified Network Associate and holds the degree of it.

Pakistani model Juggan Kazim returned from Canada to Pakistan in 2004, December. After this she run away secretly with Adnan Ghafoor. Kazim met Adnan during the marriage ceremony of her friend. Ghafoor left University of Central Punjab only for her Juggan and began her life with her. After just only a year of marriage, Adnan beat her and she left house of Adnan, taking her two month old baby with herself. Her husband is not involved in their son’s fosterage. Kazim says this was a reciprocal decision of both of them. This is influenced by her own experiences as the child of divorced parents.Fashion Model Juggan Kazim can speak both English and Urdu languages fluently.

Career of Juggan Kazim

As described above Juggan Kazim has been doing work in media since the age of four. In her early age, she has done advertisement for Samsonite and many other brands (1985 to 1986).

Whe she was only fourteen years old, she saw in her first commercial ads. Mashal Peerzada was the director of this commercial ad, who was also her best friend. Her professional career begins in Toronto, where Syeda Mehr Bano Kazim started using the name “Juggan Kazim“, when the models of Sutherland caught her to work as a fashion model. Pakistani fashion model Kazim started her film career with the lead character of “Gugan” in the “Pink Ludoos” opposite Shaheen Khan produced by Gaurav Seth. After this she has also worked in an episode of David Wellington’s Te Eleventh Hour. This was directed by T.W. Peacock. At the age of sixteen, Pakistani Model Juggan Kazim hosted her own television show. She has been hosted this show until she left Pakistan to follow her passion and mania for acting in North America. Pakistani top model Kazim has also appeared in large number of stage dramas in Toronto as well as in her home town. The most recent role played by her is “Tara”, which is produced by Rasik Arts and the director of this production is Sally Jones. Mainly she only does print modeling. Because her height is small only 5-feet and 4-inch (1.63 m) and she thought that; she would look very stupid during walking on the ramp. Pakistani famous model Juggan Kazim has done two music videos with Sutherland and now by Newton Landry Management has approached her, who remains her Canadian agents.

After coming back from Canada to Pakistan, Pakistani model Juggan Kazim started hosting in television shows. The first show hosted by her was Beanbag and this show was also Conceptualise and written by her. After this, she has hosted lot of shows for different television networks in Pakistan. From march 2010, Kazim is the brand Ambassador for the Garniar hair and skin care products that are available in Pakistan. Top Model Juggan Kazim has won the Best Supporting Actress Award for drama serial Meri Unsuni Kahani on Pakistan Media Awards in 2010.

In March 2011, ALtaf Hussain’s Lollywood film Khamosh Raho Juggan Kazim has acted opposite to Shan Shahid. Hussain decided to release the film on 10 June 2011 in Pakistan. She is also appearing opposite top Sanam Baloch, Sunita Marshal and Modib Mirza in upcoming movie of mirza, Silent Cinema.

Pakistani models brings for you people the list of drama serials, telefilms, hosting shows and music videos performed by fashion model Juggan Kazim.

Drama serials and telefilms
  1. Man-O-Salwa
  2. Naa Jane Kyun
  3. Hukm-e-Azaan
  4. Patli Gali (2010)
  5. Yeh Subh Tumhari Hai
  6. Rangeel Pur (PTV Home)
  7. Sitam
  8. Piyasi
  9. Sher Dil
  10. Chaat
  11. Aik Pal
  12. Saiqa – Hum TV
  13. Meri Un Suni Kahaani
  14. Kagaz Ki Nao
  15. Vasl
  16. Omar Dadi aur Gharwalay
  17. Pani Jaisa Piyar
  18.  Mishaal (PTV Home)
  19. Kaash Aisa Ho (ARY Digital)
  1. Beanbag (Business Plus)
  2. CEO (Business Plus)
  3. Aaj Entertainment Tonight (Aaj TV)
  4. Fashion Stop (Ary Digital)
  5. VIPs only (Aag TV)
  6. Mast Mornings (Dawn News)
  7. Yeh Subh Tumhari Hai (Express News)
  8. Sunday Brunch (Aaj TV)
  9. Morning with Hum Weekend Edition (Hum TV)
  10. Aik Din Juggun Kay Saath (Vibe TV)
  11. Honestly Speaking with Juggun Kazim (PTV)
  12. The Final Verdict with Juggun Kazim (Filmax)
Music videos
  1. Jal’s music video Sajni (2008) directed by Bilal Lashari.
  2. Shehzad Roy’s music video Ek Baar from album Qismat Apne Haath (2009).
  3. Mekaal Hasan Band’s music video Chal Bulleya, directed by Bilal Lashari.

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