4 Makeup Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

Makeup-Mistakes-You-Do-not-RealizeMakeup and makeup mistakes both is the thing that can surprise everyone. It can do wonders, if you applied it in a perfect and accurate way. It does not matter how good you are at makeup and I can bet you are doing many mistakes while doing makeup. The bad thing is that you are not aware of them and you think you are doing in a right way. To be honest, I did also not know these mistakes and I was doing. One day I was reading a fashion magazine. In this magazine I saw an article on 4 makeup mistakes and I thought that I should write an article on this for you people. My aim is that you boys and girls get also benefits from this and correct your mistakes. Today Pakistani Models let you know people about the 4 common makeup mistakes you do not realize you are making.

4 Makeup Mistakes You Do not Realize You Are Making

The following are the major makeup mistakes you do not do after reading his article.

Wearing the Wrong Foundation

The selection of foundation is not considered to be giving a bit of a tan to your skin. This is the first makeup mistake in the list of 4 mistakes you are doing. After all, what bronzers are for? Alternatively, it is required to create an accurate, smoother complexion and cover-up any Imperfectness. Therefore you should always select a type of foundation which can blends in with your skin. It is very important that you should not check your foundation on your skin. You should check it first on your jaw line. If you follow this advise than you can try it at your home. After applying it you should check your skin in different light situation to make sure that your skin is looking natural.

Apply Makeup on Dry Skin

You will get terrible result if you are spreading a thick layer of foundation on a chapped or dry skin and you would to this fact. Foundation will just give extra weight to the flakes by sitting over them.  It does not blend with the dry skin to give it attractive look. If you want to remove skin dryness than use any rich moisturizer product. If your skin is smooth than you will get much good result and shining natural look.

Use of Blue Eye Shades

All the girls and women think that blue eye shadows look awesome. But this is not true for all girls as blue eye shadow does not work for all the ladies. The blue color suits to those little girls who are giving recitals and airy looking supper models those are going to the party of 1990 theme design. If you are not come in the list of people mentioned above than never use blue color of eye shadow. Otherwise you will find it ugly on your face but we all know true words never been spoken.

Trying to Plump your lips

Most of the girls try this trick to make a line outside the line of your natural lip to make your lips looks bigger than natural. But it is not easier as we think. You will be looking horrible rather than beautiful if you took a one wrong step. You should not use lip liner of the same tone as your lipstick. Use a lip liner of litter liter tone because if you use the same shade of both lip liner and lips stick and in the middle of  the party your lipstick becomes fade than the only line will appear around your lips and I will look horrible.

You must work on your these 4 makeup mistakes you are making.

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