Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Whenever we talk about fashion them we never forget makeup tips for blue eyes. However the fashion trends are changing day by day and different kinds of makeup are introducing. In the mean time girls and women were very crazy about eye makeup such as eye makeup for brown eyes. Today we are adding another kind named as makeup tips for blue eyes. The most amazing thing about that it has got much popularity in very few days and girls having blue eyes are mad to apply this. You know more than one Lac girls search for makeup tips in a month and the search is increasing continuously every day. But the big question that arises in everyone’s mind is where to learn makeup tips for blue eyes? Therefore today I will guide you the step by step process of applying this kind of makeup.

Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes


  1. First of you have to take an eye shadow of silver color and start applies this on your eyes lashes until you reach the end of eyebrows.
  2. In second step take one silver color shade and lavender color shade then mix both of them completely even that no color will show its image.
  3. After this we will it a little touch of blue color, for this we take above two mixed shades and mix them with a violet color. Then applied them in the same manner as told in a first step of this makeup tips for blue eyes.
  4. Now we will take an eyeliner or dark grey shade and apply a very thin layer of it on our eyes.
  5. In final step of makeup tips for blue eyes we use mascara and apply on the surface of our eyes.

This is not necessary that to always use the combination of lavender and silver color on blue eyes. You have many more combination of colors such as we can use combination of yellow and green color or light red and pink color. There are thousands of color in the world you can use any one which suits you. If you are one of those girls and women who apply their makeup their self then you must try these makeup tips for blue eyes now. I am too much sure you will get very good result in a very little time and want to do this many times to look more beautiful.

Aiza Khan

Aiza Khan is the CEO of Pakistani Models and blogs about latest fashion trends and new offerings from reputed brands. She's a fashionista and passionate about personal grooming.

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