Makeup Tips Magic To Increase Your Beauty

In this article we will read different magic makeup tips for less age looks by using face powder, blushers and eye shadows. I know on TV and internet we people see daily different new faces and about those faces we always use some adoring sentences or words. May be many girls know about photogenic faces. After seeing those photogenic beautiful faces everyone wants to like that kind of beautiful face, but only few of us are capable to get that photogenic and attractive faces. This is called magic of makeup tips. This is a very common problem with all of us that our faces are disturbed and nearly destroyed by different types of wrinkles, spots, blots and blotches on our skin face. This disorder can be removed by taking care of our skin regularly, but this regularity should b continue for some weeks. These spots can be removed temporary by using some color cosmetics, but this tip is for only parties and other urgent occasions. Always select cosmetics by keeping in mind that these products will suit your skin or not? If it suits than buy it otherwise the wrong one will ruin our beauty. Another important makeup tip is that, you should never do heavy makeup on face as it will produce old age look on your face and that is the thing no one ever want. Our aim is to look more young, fresh, beautiful and smart.Makeup Tips Magic Increase Your Beauty

Magic of Makeup Tips

  • For Less Age Look

If anyone wants to look lesser than his or her age than try to use makeup in small quantity, by doing this the natural beauty of your face will remain and looks better than pasting a thick layer of beauty products. These makeup tips are beat for those ladies and young girls who did work in some offices and institutions.

  • How to use concealer: Always take two concealers; the color of the first one should be same as our skin color and the color of second concealer should be little bit yellowish. The yellowish is used to hide dark spots and some deep lines on the face.
  • Use of Eye Liner in Makeup Tips: Use any color of eye liner for eye makeup you want but stay away from using black color as it will make the eyes horrible.
  • Blusher: The best colors for blushers are natural pink and peach.
  • Eye shadow: We may use eye shadow of pink and any other light color but it should be soft.

By doing all above steps you can use any kind and color of lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss you want.

  • Face Powder

Now we have two colors of concealers so use both of them on our cheeks until both completely absorbed in to the skin of face. After doing this step make the use of soft foam on skin slowly. Now take the powder and place it on all face and flick the remaining. After this tip you will notice that now face is ready for makeup.

  • Eyes

For doing eye makeup tips you can chose your own favorite color to use on eyes. First of all you should cover up the top parts of your eyes; you can do this by using some good techniques such as you can do this by using some kind of eye shadows. After these makeup tips, you can apply the eye liner according to your own wish which will make your eyes more beautiful and attractive.

  • Blusher

Blushers should be used on those areas of your skin where bones are prominent so the blusher will hide these undesired spots from the face. Everyone should always use light color of blushers such as pink and peach color and avoid all other dark colors. Furthermore we can use some other beauty products to increase the beauty of face. I hope you would like these magic makeup tips and may share this article on face book and twitter with friends.

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