How To Do Megan Fox Eye Makeup

People are always inspired to do makeup like some star. They want to look the way they look or carry them self the way they do. Makeup can really help you in this regard. You can do a lot of things with it. And in our today’s beauty article we will tell you How to Do Megan Fox Eye Makeup

How to Do Megan Fox Eye Makeup

Following are some very good tips for How to Do Megan Fox Eye Makeup.


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An important step before we move to How to Do Megan Fox Eye Makeup is that she has a tan complexion and that is a major reason for her makeup to look good on you. If you want to have her look go for a base which will give you a slightly tan look. Now we will start with her Eye Makeup. 

Smoky Eyes

Megan Fox’s always go for smooth and sexy smokes eyes. So, if you want to join her league, you have to have smooth and sexy eyes. And for that the first step is

  1. Apply a clean smooth base on your eyelids.
  2. Apply Sheer Satin Shadow in Gilded Taupe along the socket line and along the lower lash line, and focus on the other corners of your eyes.
  3. Then take out a black liner and apply it along the upper lash line, again concentrating the color in the outer corners.
  4. Take fake eye lashes, make them light and apply them. Then apply proper mascara on them. They will make your eyes look more glamour’s and beautiful.
  5. And finally apply a reddish tone lipstick and bronze color on your nose, chin and sides of upper head.

You can also read more makeup tips on our website in which makeup tips for glasses wears, eye makeup for eid and many more are available. All these tips of makeup will really help you to increase your makeup experience and make able you to look beautiful in every occasion. If you have any difficulty in your mind then you can contact us.

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