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Mehndi Designs 2016 For Girls in Pakistan

There are many young girls in Pakistan who are mad about mehndi. Therefore, today’s article is about mehndi designs 2016 for girls in Pakistan. In this collection Arabic, Indian and Pakistani designs are included. Flowers theme and other traditional themes like paisleys will be seen in mehndi designs 2016 for women in Pakistan. Many of them are simple but unique and attractive while others are quite complicated and intricate. Some of mehndi design having beads and glitter included. Which are also in Fashion of Pakistani Models in these days. They are perfect for all occasions such as wedding and festivals. Pakistani Actress Mehndi for 2016 are made for both feet and hands. The designs are made for all age groups.

Mehndi is simply a temporary ornament on the skin. Some of the people also consider this as a temporary strange tattoo. It is used by girls and women of every age to feet and hands in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and UAE countries. Muslim and Hindu festivals are used mehndi on their every wedding and festivals. Mehndi is now considered as an essential part of marriage in Pakistan and India. It has now become more famous in the western countries also and there it is called henna tattoos. It can be used on the body and arms also. In the east, it is used only in hands and foots where It is striking. Henna tattoo artists are now available all over the world who make beautiful and cool mehndi tattoos on the hands and feet of women. Simple designs are used by kids while intricate and complicated designs are used by brides and young girls.

Mehndi Designs 2016 for girls in Pakistan


May be your are thinking that it is really difficult work to use or make a design of mehndi on your hands and feet, but it is so easy and you just need some practice to make mehndi designs 2016 on your hands and feet. I am sure you heard that sentence “Practice makes a man perfect” and thing is applicable here. If you take some interest on making designs of mehndi then it will be very interesting and easy for you, although it is just like a fun, because every time you draw something on your hands or feet it will produce something new. After using the mehnd, it left different colors on different kinds of skins. On some peoples skin it shows dark black colors and sometimes it shoes brown and red color as well, red color also shows the cooling effects. These mehndi designs 2016 are best for feet and hands, I hope you would like these designs and appreciates me by giving some comments.

You may see many beautiful and spectacular designs 2016 for girls in our image gallery below. There are some mehndi designs 2016 also available on our web; these beautiful designs have been specially made for girls in Pakistan and India. So, if you have a cousin’s or relatives marriage coming up and you want to see some attractive designs, so use these mehndi designs 2016. For more mehndi designs, search around pakistanimodels.pk. Must see other bridal and eid mehndi designs .


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