Benefits Of Olive Oil for Health and Skin

The Prophet Hazrat MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam said: “Eat olive oil and Inunct yourselves with it, because it is from a blessed tree.”Olive-Oil-Health-Benefits

Besides from first to last world olive oil is commonly used in Mediterranean countries. Olive oil played a important part in many health benefits. Its oil is extracted from rip and good olives which is good for health. Many benefits of olive are referred in hadith shareef also. Many scientific experiments also showed Prophylactic effects of olive. Now in this article we will tell you about some major benefits of olive oil. These are given below.

  1.  It is a good in antioxidants which help to prevent skin cancer.
  2.  Olive oil keeps hairs moisturized. You can use it every week for strong and long hair growth.
  3.  It oil fights against growing old and does not allow skin to dry.
  4.  Olive can also be used as a remover for makeup.
  5.  In the form of extra virgin oil of olive, this is the oil that can also be used for cooking purpose.
  6.  It also reduces Hypertension.
  7.  Use of olive oil also reduces the level of cholesterol.
  8.  From scientific research it has been proved that olive oil is also good for heart patients. It prevents the heart diseases.
  9.  Extra virgin olive oil is more desirable for moisturizing the skin.
  10.  It can be used as a after shave for smooth and shining skin.
  11. It can be used as a skin cleanser and also for body massage as well.
  12. For deep frying purpose the refined olive oil is absolutely suitable.
  13. You can massage your scalp (the skin that covers the top of the head) with warm olive oil for dryness ease.
  14. It can also remove rashes of sun burn.
  15. Olive oil can also be used for cracked feet for their softness.

Olives has a rich in vitamin A&E which are the great vitamins for skin care. It has different healthy benefits  so you have to use it in your daily routine life. Following hadith stress on the importance of olive oil as it holds medicated power.

There are three main important properties of olive oil; the first one is Anti Inflammatory property, moisturizing property and skin exfoliate.

Moisturizing Property

Moisturizing property is the best one because there are many antioxidants are present in olive oil and these antioxidants works better than any other moisturizers. Due to its hydrophilic properties it works better than other local moisturizers by creating a layer on your skin. The other moisturizers that are available in markets, they use some types of chemicals to moisture your skin but the disadvantage of these moisturizers is that these chemicals will block your skin pores. Therefore you should use olive oil because it is natural and have no side effect. I t will make your skin natural, shining and healthy. Before using olive oil as a moisturizer you should wash your face from normal water and if you want good result than use it before sleep.

The prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam said: “Eat olive oil with your bread, and oil yourselves with it, for it is from a blessed tree.” (Ibn Maja, At’ima, 34)

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