Pakistani Bridal Makeup Looks And Trends

In this post we will let you know about Pakistani Bridal Makeup Looks 2016-2017. This article is very handy for those beautiful girls who are going too engaged in a relation of marriage very soon.  We all know that the red color indicate the personality of brides, I am not talking about the past because this trends also present in this year and will remain in upcoming years as well. You will surely see some red colors in bridal dresses, jewelry and bridal makeup whether it is only present in a type of red lipstick shades.  But you can see that the trends of Pakistani Bridal Makeup have been completely different from few last years. Now the red color or the dark colors are no more seen in Pakistani Brides. In the past Pakistani brides prefer to fill their face with dark and brighter colors, but this looks good at that time. Now the trend has been changed and it looks that the lighter colors are mostly used in Pakistani Bridal Makeup. In the end of the article you can see some images of Pakistani Bridals, if you take some attention to those pictures then you can understand all the brides are using light colors eye shadows, foundations as well as light colors lipstick and lip liner. Mostly in the Pakistani bridal makeup trend 2016 two common and favorite colors of brides’ lipstick are pink and peach. These two colors are in a trend of Pakistani Bridal Makeup 2016. I f we talk about the color of wedding dresses then the beige color and off white color is very much in trend, Syra Yousuf has also wear this color and looking very beautiful.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends

Pakistani Bridal Makeup 01

In Pakistan, girls prefer to use soft and light colors on barat and walima bridal makeup, they do not have to use heavy beauty products as in the past, so they look more natural and simple but more beautiful as compare to the brides of past who prefer to use heavy beauty products. Must check the two or three images that are given below and showing the Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends of 2016. You can see more bridal makeup tips at

All the people know that the trends of fashion are changing day by day in many terms such as beauty tips, health tips, and mostly bridal makeup of Pakistani Bridal. In this second part of this article I would like to mention the different flavors of makeup that are mostly used by girls in a day or night time. You should keep in mind the type of your bride’s skin before applying makeup. On our website in the category of beauty tips you can find different articles about makeup for different types of skin as well. You can see different Pakistani Bridal Makeup looks in the end of article. As we discussed above that how Pakistani Celebrities and Models are using soft colors on their valima, therefore you should follow them and not to use brighter colors. Everything becomes fashion if it is used by some famous celebrities or actresses. I hope you would like this article about Pakistani Bridal Makeup Looks 2016. For more tips, search around our website and comment below.


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  • i think Pakistani Fashion Designers have to Take VEENA MALIK for bridal shoots.Because she have the most attractive features according to a bride.

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