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SAVERA-NADEEM-PAKISTANI-ACTRESS- (14)The multi-talented Pakistani Actress Savera Nadeem started her career from acting in PTV drama serials. Then Nadeem appeared in commercial ads, as a play director to host a popular morning shows. In an interview with us she told us about her experiences in the entertainment industry of Pakistan and also playing role in her upcoming drama serials and her plans for the future.

Savera started her career of acting in Lahore as a stage actress for the “Ajoka Theatre group” and then she took risk into television acting after a short period of time. She made her debut with the play Kiran for PTV in the middle of nineties.  Pakistani Actress Nadeem says, that was a great experience but it also was very terrifying. Now a day, acting in television looks very complicated to her and being extremely confident in front of the camera did not help matters at all. Now, after more than twenty years of experience on television, I would credibly be more conscious on a stage performance.

After the drama serial “Kiran”, Savera Nadeem becomes involved in a PTV drama Inkaar which deal with the theme of youth drug addiction. After producing such a class play in that time, she gave full credit to play director Ayub Khawar. Ayub taught her many things about acting with his unique thinking and talent. But Savera Nadeem wished that the drama serial ‘Inkaar’ should be produced by using the latest technologies. Nadeem think that it will make an even bigger impact now.

Rather than acting in dramas, Savera try her luck in morning shows as a host as well. She did her first morning show on News One and then on Aaj TV. But in August 2011 she decided to leave the hosting because she thought that she has reached the Impregnation point in terms of learning.

Savera Nadeem in Morning Shows

According to Savera the cause of Morning shows is to educate the people and bring some kind of change in their lives to understand that what is all happening in the world. But unluckily in Pakistan the morning shows are only the source of entertainment. This is just because of viewers as they demand entertainment, so it is very difficult for them to accept something better then entertainment because they do not want to understand.

Pakistani Model Savera Nadeem has been doing direction, acting and hosting at a time- She says, “In the 90s, direction was took a backseat with me. But in the future, I will direct more plays and you will see me.

When Nadeem looks the present television industry she strongly recommends that, Pakistani television industry needs new writers. It is time to got rid of the common saas bahu issues. People want something new, uncommon and unusual. Writers should try to write something new like comedies or enigmas dramas.

Recently Savera is doing a lead role in a drama serial Mera Yaqeen. Stars of this play are Nimra Bucha and Faisal Qureshi.

Her acting is not only limited for small screen only. Famous Actress has also done a role on a Sabiha Sumar film called Rafina. After her experience in film industry she says, “It’s very tedious, slow and time-consuming. I would rather appear on television.”

Now that Savera Nadeem has showed her all the different and broad talents. we asked her what she most enjoys while doing acting?. Nadeem replies, “Comic roles are much more fun to perform but require a lot more energy. I also want to break away from doing sitcoms only. I want my audiences to see me grow as an actor with tragic roles as well as comical ones.”

Anyway expecting her first child next year, Savera Nadeem think about her future, “She plans to direct some good scripts. Additionally, I’d like to host my own daytime show, which will be completely unlike the usual morning shows. It will provide infotainment which is a middle ground between breaking news and pure entertainment.”

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