SKIN CARE – As Pure As Irish Rain

Given the amount of chemicals in our cosmetics, it’s no wonder that there has been an increased demand for natural skincare products.

SKIN CARE - As Pure As Irish Rain

Most recently, parabens-a popular substance in cosmetics-were banned in Denmark in products for children and babies.

The skin is the largest organ in the body; it’s a big surface area and absorbs a Hugh amount.

Many consumers know little about parabens, which give our skin products a prolonged shelf life.

Last year, researchers from British University of Reading found 40 women with breast cancer had parabens in their breast tissue, with 60 pc of the samples containing no less than five parabens.

Some studies on animals have shown that parabens can mimic the hormone oestrogen, whose production is a factor in some breast cancers.

Skincare products aren’t regulated like food and medicine. They are tested for topical use and not ingested use, and it’s been assumed that ingredients don’t cross the skin barrier. Controversially the Reading Study shows that parabens can accumulate in the human tissue.

IRISH RAIN is a skincare company based in the ruggedly beautiful west of Ireland

Founders Kath Kirk& John Collins have brought their philosophy of “natures known best” to create a skincare brand that avoids the use of parabens, sodium sulphates and artificial fragrances, empowering the skin by combining nourishing plant extracts and parabens & vitamins

Irish Rain Revitalising Facial Oil is truly wonder oil!

Combining nature, the most powerful ingredients with blend of organic and Rosehip oil with active essential oils to restore the skins vitality. The oil works on a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin. Rich in Vitamin C, high in omega 3&6, essential fatty acids known to heal scar tissue, it is also a great source of retinoic acid which evens skin tone and reduces age spots. The facial oil is a best seller in the Irish Rain skin care collection.

You can but this product from their official website

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