Skin Care Tips Best 5 For Healthy Skin

Skin Care Tips, how many things are included? You may include gentle cleansing or protection from sun. Do you think only these things can keep you and your skin shining and healthy for many years? I know you have not too much time for your skin care. Doesn’t worry about that just learn the basics? If you do not want to become old before the age and wants to slow down your natural aging process than you should chose healthy life style and must take care of it. For this purpose must follow these 5 skin care tips for healthy life.Skin-Care-Tips-Best-5-For-Healthy-Skin

Protection From Sun

The first and most important care tip is that to protect you from the sun. If you are spending long time in front of sun exposure than it is not good for you. It can many problems such as age spots, wrinkles and can create the chances of  cancer.

For complete sun protections follow these skin care tips.

  • Use of sunscreen. Always use that kind of sunscreen lotion or cream which have the SPF (the degree to which a sunscreen protects it from the direct rays of the sun) of 15 degree. If you are working in outdoor environment than use sunscreen after every 2 hours. If you are doing swimming or perspiring than after one hour.
  • Seek shade. Do not go in front of sun from morning 10 Am to Evening 4 Pm. This is the time when sun rays are on the peak.
  •  Wear Protective Clothes. This skin care tips says that try to cover your body with wide hats, long pants and wear the shirt of long tight sleeves. Also use some chemicals while washing your clothes because these chemicals can create a protection layer on your dresses and remains for many numbers of washes. This layer fights against the strong ultra violet rays that are coming from the sun and protect your skin. These chemicals are produced specially for this purpose.

Don’t Smoke Second in the Skin Care Tips

Avoid smoking came 2nd in skin care tips. Due to smoking the wrinkles produce on it and you look old before the age. Due to smoking the circulation of blood is decreased in your body because the regular use of cigarette narrows your blood vessels. These narrow vessels decrease the supply of oxygen and some other necessary nutrients to the skin. Smoking can also damage two body enzymes named elastin and collagen. These are the enzymes which provide elasticity and strength to it. The two things you do while smoking are inhaling and squinting of eyes. You face expressions changes and causes wrinkles.

I f you are chain smoker and want to protect it than please leave the cigarettes. This is one of the best skin care tips for smokers.

Treat it Mildly

  • The next in the skin care tips is that daily shave and cleansing may take a toll on it. Therefore keep it mildly.
  • Limit bath time. Do not take too much time while shower or bath with hot water. Because the hot water can remove oil from the it. Therefore never take long bath and avoid using hot water. Try to use warm water.
  • Avoid strong soaps. Never use the strong face washes and other face washing products because they remove most of the oil from skin and it becomes dry and rough. Al ways chose normal soaps and face wash.
  • Shave carefully. If you want that you skin did not dry after shave than always use any lotion, gel or shaving cream before the shave. For clean and close shave you should use a sharp razor such as Gillette. Never save against the direction of hairs.
  • Pat dry. This skin care tips is for after bath. After taking shower or washing use a towel to blot or pat it. Due to this some moisture will remain on your skin.
  • Moisturizing. If you have a dry skin, than use a moisturizer that suits to your skin and also contains SPF.

Eat a healthy diet

Eat healthy diet is a number 4 in skin care tips. With healthy diet you always look fit and perfect. Try to eat lots of lean proteins, lean grains, vegetables and fruits as well.

Manage stress

In skin care tips this is the final tip. If you having a stress and tension than you surely facing skin problems such as acne and etc. Due to stress and tension it becomes sensitive. For healthy skin and health always relax yourself and manage your stress. Make a to-do list and work according to your lists.

These are the 5 best skin care tips for healthy skin. Follow these tips to enjoy healthy life.

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