Syra Yousuf and Sheroz Sabzwari Wedding Pics

We all know about the Syra Yousuf wedding ceremony. Now Syra is the wife of Shehroz Sabzwari. The marriage was held six months ago on 12th of December. Yousuf prefer a very minimalist change for her bridal look at this special day. She does not think like other girls who want to look unrecognizable till the end of marriage.

Today Pakistani Models let you know people about her beautiful and shining looks by the expert herself. VJ Syra Yousuf did her makeup on valima and barat. This shows that how much talent she has. She is a multi talented girl and very famous for her different fashion photo shoots. She has also worked with different illustrious models including Rana Khan. After her marriage, she says in an interview;Syra-Yousuf-And-Shehroz-Sabzwari-Wedding-Pics-13

Syra Yousuf and Shehroz Sabswari on their Baraat

Her bridal artist says that, the bridal look that she gave to Syra was not imposing but fresh and glows. She also wanted to give her that kind of look. Because of her shining and flawless skin she did not need too much makeup on her face. Syra Yousuf  had told me about her outfit. Therefore my mind was really clear about how she looks on that day. The commanding attention group of musicians playing for her barat was delivered by Sania Maskatiya and you may see it was in pretty hues of pink. I Distinct to guide her away from giving her unusual eye makeup that would be so rough for the colors used and alternatively I select to increase her feminine features.

Syra Yousuf wearing her mother-inlaw’s vintage sari on their Valima

As her hair style cutting was in bob style but most of the girls want to grow their hair for such an occasion. But I did not use any extension on Pakistani Actress Syra Yousuf’s hair. Therefore I make Greek style of her hair and also make some soft twists at the back  side. Due to that twists Syra’s hair style was showing through her dupatta of net. Her look was belonging to the present fashion with a small eastern touch. Pakistani fashion model Yousuf’s  jewelry was made of pure diamonds and was very beautiful. To make it more better I also added some flowers on the side nape.

Baraat Makeup
  1. I began the baraat makeup of Syra Yousuf with using a product called M.A.C primer. This product helps the foundation to stay for longer time.
  2. I selected the pink tone and mixed two or three shades of this color, hiding with the body shop concealed.
  3. Lancome Shimmer Fluid was used to show glow on her cheeks.
  4. A lovely Rose pink lip color was used on the lips by YSL.

At the ceremony of valima Syra wear a vintage saree of her mother-in-law. The saree was in deep maroon shade also having a velvet blouse. I gave her hair a demanding wave style. But I tries to use soft makeup with a complete number or quantity at deep intense eyes in smoky shades.
The makeup artist of Syra Yousuf whose name is Raana was also going to engage in a relation of marriage in the next month. You can see Syra Yousuf wedding pics in our gallery.

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