Whitening Face and Facial Tips For Girls

Our skin is a very important gift that is gifted by GOD to us. You should try our whitening face and facial tips. It is also the most important as well as sensitive part of our body because all the changes in the outdoor environment and their facts effects firstly feel by the skin. Therefore our skin needs special care and maximum protection from the changes in environment. Lesser moisture, hot weather, pollution and dust particles leave dangerous effects on the skin which can cause lots of problem. We should be very thankful to the medical science that they have find the solution that how to protect yourself from these problems.Whitening-Face-And-Facial-Tips-For-Girls

Skin Whitening is the process of lighting the color of our skin with the use or help of different chemical skin products. However most of the homemade products are preferred for this purpose because they do not have any kind of side effects. Most of the girls try these homemade remedies for just once or twice and then left because they thought it is not working and they are wasting of their time. Those girls and women are wrong because these things do not work instantly in a day or two like other chemical products; they required continuous use to show their effect. The chemical creams and facial products show their result instantly but they have many side effects also. The color of the skin is dark because of melanin; it can be light if we decrease the concentration of melanin. Some best homemade remedies that can play crucial role in whitening your skin are given below.

Skin Whitening Face Facials

You can do whitening facial at anywhere or at home. First of all take some almonds and soak them in the water at night, and in the morning mix them with the four table spoon of milk and grind them to make a thick past. After this wash face completely and apply this paste on wet face. Leave it on face for at least 30 minutes than wash with your face with cold water. One more method to do whitening facial at home is to mix one table spoon of lemon juice with ¼ teaspoon of Nigela seed oil and spread it on your face than leave it for at least 10-15 minutes. Than wash it with mild water, this whitening facial should be done in the morning than it will give good results.

Face Wash:

If you wash face with gram flour, than it will really help fair the color of skin. Make barley flour paste by mixing it with rose water and juice of lemon, this paste will be stronger than above one and work better. The working of both the flour is same, both removes the dirt dust particles from the pores of the skin and make them clean and clear pores to open.

Whitening Drinks: 

There are many whitening drinks are available but best three of them are given below.

  1.  Always take a glass of pure milk before you sleep, as you know milk has many other benefits as well.
  2. In the early morning drink a glass of warm water in which one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice is mixed.
  3. Boil mint leaves in water than cool it. After this cover it and leave it for few minutes, then you can drink it any time of the day.

I hope you would like these whitening face tips for girls and women. Tell us your views by commenting below.

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